Manulife Carolers

[ Art Direction + Design ]

Manulife Bank wanted to create awareness and engagement by leveraging 8 surprising holiday tips to uncover some unpleasant holiday truths. We teamed up with TA2 to leverage the familiar structure of popular holiday songs and write 8 custom carols. We cast a jolly group to become the Manulife Bank Merry Carolers and worked with Heymakers to create 8 mini music videos that accompanied our new and informative carols.

Through light and amusing activations and online content, we were able to show the reality of debt amongst Canadians while offering solutions to get them back to the true meaning of the holidays.


Manulife Bank Merry Carolers - Estimate the Cost

Manulife Bank Merry Carolers - Joy to Some Me Time

Manulife Bank Merry Carolers - We Wish You a Debt-Free Holiday

Manulife Merry Carolers